Jhames Supercollider

About Jhames

You have arrived at the personal website of one James Robert Elliott III. “Jhames” is a nickname given to James during 7th grade by another classmate in their French class. Yes, a man with a classic Scottish name that goes by a fake French nickname which happens to be a common Filipino given name. The easiest way to pronounce Jhames is to combine “Zsa Zsa” with Hermès: Zsa·mès. Voilà.

Jhames the Supercollider


  1. beyond a standard or norm; exceeding or exceedingly: supersonic (cf. J.J. Fad)

noun, physics

  1. an accelerator in which two beams of particles are made to collide.

See? Simple.

Jhames the Supercollision

Jhames is composed of many ancestries from nearly every corner of the world. His ancestry composition includes:

  • 99.4% European
    • Northern European
      • British & Irish
      • French & German
      • Broadly Northern European
    • Southern European
      • Italian
      • Balkan
      • Broadly Southern European
    • Ashkenazi (Shalom)
    • Broadly European
  • 0.4% Sub-Saharan African
    • West African
    • East African
    • Broadly Sub-Saharan African
  • 0.2% East Asian & Native American
    • East Asian
    • Japanese
    • Yakut
    • Broadly East Asian
  • 0.1% Unassigned (let’s call that the god particle)

Jhames resides in Seattle with his husband and their feline belovedaries. When Jhames isn’t busy running a media empire (coming soon!), he’s in a laboratory working on his collection of natural perfumes né Filigree.